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Rabbit asleep on a Python?

March 26, 2008

Rabbit asleep on a Python?
Photo: Stumble

Man I just don’t get this, this photo is so wrong, first I see footage of a Rabbit attacking a snake!… a fairly large snake at that, now here’s what appears to be a Rabbit curled up and actually sleeping on a Snake, that’s on par with me sleeping on a crocodile, what gives?

Snake attacks baby

February 27, 2008

Snake attacks baby

See the amazing pictures as this snake attacks the little baby, fortunately the baby comes out unscathed.

POST CONTINUES see the photos Read more

Blue Eyed Albino Snake

January 25, 2008

Blue Eyed Albino Snake
Photo: Kai Rösler

I Stumbled on this stunning photo of a Blue Eyed Albino Snake with little or no other reference other than what I assume is the name of the Photographer Kai Rösler.

Snake gets kangaroo for lunch!

November 27, 2007

King Brown Snake
Photo: Unknown

We breed some pretty big snakes here in Australia. This King Brown Snake obviously objected to the kangaroo having a swim in it’s waterhole, so it killed it and now it looks like it’s going to eat it.

Website: Aussie Cynic

Deadly Australians – Taipan Snake

November 22, 2007

Video: YouTube

The Taipans – Oxyuranus microlepidotus are Ridgy-didge, are probably the world’s most poisonous snake, if your in the areas they inhabit and you get bitten by one of them, you’re in real trouble. They may not have killed many people, possibly because they avoid us or since we don’t generally cohabit in this vast often hostile continent. If your ‘outback’ and one of these jabs their fangs in you, you’d better have a plan real soon… a plan that doesn’t involve dialing 000 (911) on your mobile; which won’t probably work out there anyway.

Website: Western Taipan

Deadly Australians – Lots of Snakes…

November 22, 2007

Deadly Australians Common Brown Snake
Photo: Common Brown – Pseudonaja textilis – Australian Snake Bites

The Common Brown… a snake with Attitude
You get only one guess why they call it that, and what’s worse this one can be very aggressive; it will chase you if you annoy it… or if it’s having a bad hair day or something, it’s fast & big; can grow to over 2m and it’s very poisonous. I wonder if the Aussie phrase ‘Mad as a cut snake‘ relates to somehow cutting a ‘brown’?

Website: The Australian Venom Research Unit

Good and Bad days…

November 15, 2007

Photo Snake and mouse
Photo: Bo Mikaelsson

can be a matter of perspective.

Website: PhotoGalaxy