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2 Boys Trading Gifts in 1962

January 26, 2017

2 Boys trade gifts in 1962

Found this image just now on reddit, Not a racist thought in their minds, just the innocence of youth, Kids being kids, Boys Enjoying new found toys. Love the image this portrays and especially given the time this was taken.

Whaling in the Faroe Islands, What do you think?, Video Courtesy of Huffington Post

January 8, 2017

In February 2008 we ran a post on the Faroe Islands, If you haven’t seen the story, do your a favour and see the link here ->> The Amazing Beauty of the Faroe Islands. The number of comments we received at the time was incredible, mainly from viewers upset at the Whale Killing. This led to a massive online debate over the whale kill, to date it has been the most commented story we have ever run. Huffington Post is one of our favourite websites and they have recently posted a great video on the subject. This latest video presents both sides of the story and I’m really interested to see what our readers think after watching the video, please feel free to post comments, we never sensor legitimate comments, so feel free to say what is on your mind. The Video is below and please do yourself a favour by visiting the full story at the link below this video. Oh and if you don’t know Huffington Post, Please take a look to see what you’ve been missing, it’s an awesome site.

Whaling In The Faroe Islands: Senseless Slaughter Or A Justified Way Of Life? @ Huffington Post

Lonely statues on Easter Island

June 14, 2008

Lonely statues on Easter Island
Photo: pixdaus.com

These statues seem to have stood the test of time on Easter Island. They do seem to be looking a little lonely though. I guess many years of just standing guard would make anyone a bit lonely.

Website: Lonely statues on Easter Island

National Geographic, Inside the Mafia, going global Part 2 of 4

June 5, 2008

Video: Veoh.com, Google Video

Part 2 in the video series on the Mafia. This is a five minute summary of the full video. If you would like to see all of the video you can do so by going to Veoh.com’s register page. Once you have registered you will also need to download and install the Veoh TV/Video client at Veoh Download. Just follow the instructions and you will be ready to watch free movies and TV shows.

Brilliant moon shot

June 4, 2008

Moon shot
Photo: ziza.ru

I found this brilliant image on a Russian website, not sure how much of it is real or photoshoped, either way it’s a nice shot.

Website: Nice moon shot

Best Secret Places In Google Earth

June 2, 2008

Video: Metacafe

This is a collection of awesome places around the world as seen from Google Earth. I like the fact that the coordinates are shown so we can go and see for ourselves. As Google’s images improve the pictures will also get easier for us to see.

Famous Quotes: Mark Twain on the Human Race

April 19, 2008

Famous Quotes: Mark Twain on the Human Race

Mark Twain was pretty spot on with many of his quotes and this one is no exception. Getalookat what many of the countries around the world are doing to their people. Governments letting their people starve while the leaders bathe in the luxuries that come with being in power. Although this post is directed toward the leaders, I feel that ordinary people need to take a stand against what is being allowed to take place.

Amazing holes in the world

March 16, 2008

Video: Metacafe

Amazing holes in the world!

World Sunlight

March 10, 2008

World Sunlight
Photo: opentopia.com

This image is a sample from the website opentopia.com. The website shows the current position of the sunlight as it hits the earth. See the link below for more.

Website: World Sunlight at opentopia.com