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Motivatonal Posters: Basic maths

March 31, 2009

Basic maths
Photo: DustDevil75 on Photobucket

You never realised just how important maths could be until you were confronted with this dilemma

Website: DustDevil75 on Photobucket

Motivational Posters: Expendability

March 29, 2009

Photo: dr_lutovsky on Photobucket

It’s not a good sign when you get given a red top to wear.

Website: dr_lutovsky on Photobucket

Don’t mess with the Australian spiders, they’re huge

December 20, 2008

Large Australian spider
Photo: Healing Spirit

Spiders do get big here in Australia, fortunately this species is fairly harmless. Wouldn’t like it to drop off the wall onto your face while you were sleeping though.

Thanks to healing spirit for this photo, see more of healing spirit’s images at the link below.

Website: Healing Spirit on Photobucket

Close up of a Flys Eye

October 8, 2008

The Flys Eye
Photo: The Flys Eye

Close up view of a Flys Eye, very interesting and thanks to University of Hawaii at Manoa via photosfan.com for the image.

Website: University of Hawaii at Manoa via PhotosFan.com

Democracy, for those lucky enough

May 8, 2008

Photo: www.rense.com

For those who are not sick, poor, and disadvantaged you may have some sort of democratic lifestyle, however many don’t get to even vote (referring to Bush stealing the election in 2001), although they have done nothing wrong. These people would probably not agree that they live in a democratic society.

What do you think? Are we really living in a truly democratic society in America or Australia or the UK, or wherever you may be?

Website: Democracy on www.rense.com


May 6, 2008

Photo: Stumble

It is weird how the brain looks for similarities in images… this zipper looks like a Piranha to me.

Aurora Australis

April 29, 2008

Aurora Australis

This is an amazing shot, if you click on the photo you can see the larger version of the image. Original image is from Wikipedia.com


April 27, 2008

Photo: Stumble

You got to love some of the Photoshop stuff you see on the Net.

I remember seeing a movie once where a guy attempted to pick up a Shar-Pei and ended up with a hand full of lose skin… with the dog still on the floor.

Though I don’t remember which movie it was, I do remember the actor saying “There’s enough for two dogs in here!”. This feature bred into these dogs; for those who don’t know, is what made the Japanese Shar-Peis such good fighting dogs.

If for instance in a fight; and I do not approve at all of Dog Fights, if a Pitbull grabbed a Shar-Pei around the neck, the Shar-Pei would just swivel around in it’s skin and grab the surprised attacking dog around it’s neck and the fight would generally be all but over.

Words of wisdom, well maybe just words

April 20, 2008

Words of wisdom, well maybe just words
Image: raghavsubramanian.blogspot.com

Words of wisdom, well maybe just words
Image: raghavsubramanian.blogspot.com

These words of wisdom may just be words and no real wisdom to go with them. They are a bit funny though and might just appeal to some of you.

POST CONTINUES more wisdom here Read more

How to hang onto your girlfriend

March 29, 2008

Cat cravings
Image: aa1.naurunappula.com

Now I am definitely not condoning this sort of thing, but I did find it funny none the less.

Website: Cat cravings