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Deer Gets Revenge

July 20, 2008

Video: Google Video

HaHaHaHaHa… Good to see, I’ve never considered hunting a sport, think about it, you use a high powered rifle with a scope to kill some poor creature and call it ‘sport’?… if you did the same thing to another human, it would be murder.

OK, I know that there are circumstances where you have to cull certain animals for various reasons. In Australia for instance, feral pigs, cats, dogs, dear, buffalo, goats and camels can cause enormous damage to our delicate Aussie bush and our farms, and I’m all for shooting programs, either to bring down their numbers or even to wipe them out, to protect that delicate bush.

We also have situations where the Kangaroos end up in plague proportions; largely because we have changed the balance, and we have to kull them. Now don’t get me wrong here, I have no problem with this culling, in fact I’m some what pissed off when a bunch of bleeding harts try to stop these culls… sort of a save Skippy thing.

I’m also pissed off when these same people, protest at Kangaroos being ‘farmed’… because “You can’t eat our national symbol.” Well yes you can, the Aboriginals have for some 60,000 years or more. It’s also one of the healthiest meats having very low cholesterol and having the advantage that they do less harm to the bush than Beef… we should be farming them.

But killing for pleasure, no I’m sorry but I’m not happy with that. By the way, did you know that another reason given for the Kangaroo and the Emu being on our crest is because they can’t take a step backwards… an Australian trait all but gone in the last 30 years. Hears another fact. In every conflict that Aussie military personnel were involved in, it was our boys who were the first to win battles amongst the allies.

Natural Hallucinogen

July 2, 2008

Video: Google Video

Woh flash back! Weird, but not as weird as the ‘music’… perhaps the magic ingredient is the obligatory Rave Disco Biscuit.

Best Secret Places In Google Earth

June 2, 2008

Video: Metacafe

This is a collection of awesome places around the world as seen from Google Earth. I like the fact that the coordinates are shown so we can go and see for ourselves. As Google’s images improve the pictures will also get easier for us to see.

Peak Oil – Imposed by Nature

April 18, 2008

Video: Google Video

The problem I feel is that instead of spending countless billions on a stupid war to control the oil, they should have spent that money on putting solar panels on every building, invested in solar thermal, geothermal power, wind, tidal & wave power.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned power generation, does not lend it’s self to being controlled by an elite minority… so they persist with generating processes, which only suit a elite minority, processes such as atomic power and solar power plants in space for crying out loud.

In Australia the thing’s not oil but coal (17th century ‘technology’) and Uranium, it’s the coal and mining lobby that sets the agenda; hardly surprisingly since they paid for the politicians. After inventing some of the best solar cells, solar thermal processes etc. etc. our government’s; both the previous and the current, ignores them. Germany, with half the sun light is putting up more solar cells population percentage wise… we have one factory producing solar cells and it has to export 85% of what it makes.

Only one state in Australia, namely South Australia, pays householders twice the going rate for the excess power they produce with solar cells, how cool is that! If this was more wide spread we would not only not have to build more coal fired power stations, we could close some of them down and use the less polluting and more flexible natural gas turbines to make up the base load.

As for ‘clean’ coal and ‘safe’ Nuclear power, yeah right, they are about as certain as WMD’s in Iraq… well as I always say, “When your snout’s in the trough, the rim’s your horizon.”

Chomsky dispels 911 conspiracies with sheer logic

April 7, 2008

Video: YouTube

Though I like and respect Noam Chomsky and although I agree that the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld etc. lot is basically incompetent and corrupt. However, I disagree with the idea that someone couldn’t get away with it. It may not have been the Bush lot per say, but like with Kennedy, it is possible to get away with outrageous things, because they are so outrageous.

But there are other possibilities, who’s to say it wasn’t Mossad? or some small extreme group with influence in the security organization and related to the military industrialists. Both of the aforementioned possibilities gained from the 911 event and both could have either initiated 911 or, which I think is more likely, uncovered the plot and gave it a helping hand.

9/11 Blueprint for Truth presented by Architect Richard Gage, AIA

If your interested in what Richard Gage (founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11… Truth) a person who understands the World Trade buildings from an Architects & Engineers perspective, check out the 2 hour footage below.Video: Google Video

Cat Washing Machine

March 19, 2008

Video: Google Video

The previous Cat Dogpaddel post inspired me to do another… one that I’d been saving for a special ocassion.

How good is this machine, the cat get washed and a work out, and the owner of the machine gets entertained as well… how great is that, I want one!

Seven wonders of ancient Egypt

March 14, 2008

Video: Google Video

Ancient Egypt has always been fascinating to me. They really seemed to have a handle on things for such an ancient culture.

Leafy Sea Dragon

March 4, 2008

Leafy Sea Dragon
Photo: Google Photo

Leafy Sea Dragon
Photo: Google Photo

This beautiful little creature still exists in a few places around the southern side of Australia as well as in Sydney harbor. In it natural habitat it is virtually impossible to see because of it’s built in Camouflage.

Website: Underwater Australia

In Its Image

February 13, 2008

“In the mid 70s, an aspiring theoretical physicist made what he and many others feel is the most important discovery in the world. This very … all ยป significant film is about the resulting invention, one that can author all subsequent ideas, provide a totally unanticipated cosmology, and possibly deliver us from death.”

Video: Google Video

mmm AI. Sooo much has been written in SciFi on this them, I remember once reading a book or short story which atypically I can’t remember the name of. The story revolved around a super computer which was able to modify it’s self and became so powerful that it was still going strong when Man and the universe had evolved and moved ‘On’ (it obviously was not running Windows) and it eventually found it’s self alone in the Universe… sometime later it uttered the words “Let there be light”

They’re Taking The Hobbits to Isengard…

February 11, 2008

sort of sacrilegious, but funny none the less. ๐Ÿ™‚

Video: Google Video