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When The Best Of Us Steps Up, Our Nation Stands A Little Taller.

February 21, 2017

Awesome, incredible, amazing, inspiring, Great Ad. This is a Canadian Ad, but the Message should be the same worldwide.

The 12 Days of Christmas – A Tale of Avian Misery

January 17, 2017

My Kids got to experience 25 Days of small Christmas Gifts (Just little hidden treasures in a cardboard display that opens to reveal one small item each day). This video however is quite a different take on the 12 Days of Christmas thing. I find it very funny and recommend the 7 or so minutes to watch.

World’s Highest Bridge is open for Business,Traffic

January 2, 2017

Photo: Reuters

China is home to many of The World’s most amazing feats of structural engineering, not least of all are the collection of The World’s highest bridges, 8 of the 10 Worlds Highest Bridges being in China.

The latest edition to China’s impressive list is The Duge Beipanjiang Bridge, which now holds the record for The World’s Highest Bridge. The Bridge crosses over the Nizhu River, it’s deck being 565 Metres above the waters below. The bridge forms part of the G56 Hangzhou–Ruili Expressway between Qujing and Liupanshui The bridge has shortened the travel time between the city of Xuanwei in the Yunnan Province and Shuicheng county in the province of Guizhou from approx 5 hours to less than 2 hours.

Although completed in September 2016, The Duge Bridge was only recently inaugurated and open to the public on the 29th December 2016.

More Video & images of the World’s Highest Bridge, click here ->> Read more

Navagio Beach

February 22, 2015

Navagio Beach, located on the coast of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Islands of Greece is one of the places which you see and instantly get the feeling that you’d like to go there, at least I did anyway!. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Navagio Beach

Due to it’s pure white sandy beach and crystal clear blue waters it has become a favourite destination for tourists, who’s only access is via boat.

The beach contains the wreck of a ship known as the Panagiotis, which was purportedly involved in smuggling of cigarettes when it was washed up on the beach in 1983, after which the area was nicknamed Smugglers Cove.

Navagio Beach

Oh, did I say before that the only access was via boat, Umm, not exactly true, if you happen to be into extreme sports, you could drop in via a quick base jump from the “600 feet plus” high limestone cliff.

Amazing video of Base Jumpers doing their thing at Navagio Beach

For many more pictures of this awesome beach click here –>> Read more

Awesome, Incredible footage

February 22, 2015

The translation to English says these people are awesome but lucky as well, I’d say they are mostly just talented at what they do.

More awesome video of people doing their thing

February 21, 2015

People are amazing creation – Florian Jacoby

February 21, 2015

A great collection of people doing what they do best, some awesome footage

EMC Truck jump over F1 Racing Car, AWESOME !

January 16, 2015

Jumping a Prime Mover and and Full length Jumbo Semi Trailer over an F1 Racing car, Both on the fly, Absolutely Awesome Stunt

“The Team at EMC set a world record with Lotus F1 Team, and as a proud official Technical Partner are helping them “Redefine Motorsports” with the power of EMC technology.”

To see the Full Video and Behind the Scenes footage of this World-Record feat, please go to http://www.emc.com/LotusF1Team Also Please join the conversation at #RedefineRecords

Please note, this footage is Courtesy of EMC and their website is shown in the link above

Amazing seaside road construction

January 2, 2015

This roadway is an awesome construction feat. It would be amazing to experience driving it.

Real Life Heroes 2014 Good People Compilation

January 1, 2015

A number of the videos posted here are funny and humour related, this one shows the kindness and good will that some people show everyday.