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Bush Memorial

July 28, 2008

Bush Memorial
Photo: Stumbled

Since he makes a big thing about his religion:

Matthew 7:12
“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

I’m at best an agnostic, and though I do do my best to live by the rule above, I’m a fan of Karma… and more than willing to give Karma a helping hand.

Deer Gets Revenge

July 20, 2008

Video: Google Video

HaHaHaHaHa… Good to see, I’ve never considered hunting a sport, think about it, you use a high powered rifle with a scope to kill some poor creature and call it ‘sport’?… if you did the same thing to another human, it would be murder.

OK, I know that there are circumstances where you have to cull certain animals for various reasons. In Australia for instance, feral pigs, cats, dogs, dear, buffalo, goats and camels can cause enormous damage to our delicate Aussie bush and our farms, and I’m all for shooting programs, either to bring down their numbers or even to wipe them out, to protect that delicate bush.

We also have situations where the Kangaroos end up in plague proportions; largely because we have changed the balance, and we have to kull them. Now don’t get me wrong here, I have no problem with this culling, in fact I’m some what pissed off when a bunch of bleeding harts try to stop these culls… sort of a save Skippy thing.

I’m also pissed off when these same people, protest at Kangaroos being ‘farmed’… because “You can’t eat our national symbol.” Well yes you can, the Aboriginals have for some 60,000 years or more. It’s also one of the healthiest meats having very low cholesterol and having the advantage that they do less harm to the bush than Beef… we should be farming them.

But killing for pleasure, no I’m sorry but I’m not happy with that. By the way, did you know that another reason given for the Kangaroo and the Emu being on our crest is because they can’t take a step backwards… an Australian trait all but gone in the last 30 years. Hears another fact. In every conflict that Aussie military personnel were involved in, it was our boys who were the first to win battles amongst the allies.

Reptilian & Annunaki History

July 15, 2008

Video: YouTube

What to believe, the story of a pregnant virgin or the bohemian slaves of the Reptilian planet X?

Bush’s wasp nest

July 12, 2008

Bush's wasp nest
Photo: Stumbled

Takes a Terrorist to know a Terrorist or imagine a Terrorist.

All You Should Know For The Presidential Election 2008

June 26, 2008

Video: YouTube

For those who don’t know we have had a change of government in Australia last year, we tossed out George W Bush’s little deputy sheriff John Winston Howard, a person whom I, and many other Aussie considered not only to be a liar, but either incompetent or like Bush, seemingly bent on weakening Australia and shoving us into the New World Order by stealth.

Here’s a warning to the US and others, if your a two party country, realize this, both sides are in the pay of the same people who are reading from the same script… Kevin Rudd, leader of the ‘new’ Labor government’s new nick name is now Kevin Dud, and now the Liberals, once ruled by John Winston Howard; who’s name few are willing to mention, have a new leader who once said ironically “I’ve never voted liberal in my life!” and continues with his (for now) parties meaningless rhetoric, which now in opposition, is almost the opposite of what it was in government.

To day our third party The Democrats disappeared, they’ve officially left Parliament, defeated by by petty bickering amongst themselves and two of it’s own voting with John Winston Howard; who could hardly believe his luck, a sad thing not just for those who served us so well, but for Australia. However, The Greens under Bob Brown are still doing well and hopefully will continue to grow. But here is the problem, both the Liberal Party (R) and the Labor Party (L), because of their political donations, will support each other in the decisions that matter, in regards to supporting the mining resources industry who pay their way.

The moral to the story is the more parties the harder it is to control a government… four legs are better than two. 🙂

National Anthems & Charecters

June 10, 2008

No need to panic folks, this ain’t going to be a flag waving exercise… well maybe I’ll do a little bit.

Initially I Stumbled upon the French National Anthem La Marseillaise. True to the spirit of the French, I find it a moving and beautiful national anthem. For me the French personify style, class, fine food and I guess Amor… they are lovers not fighters.

In general they are good people, they stayed out of Iraq and they are very socially minded. However, recently and inexplicably, they voted in Nicolas Sarkozy… duuh! But then, we did vote in John Winston Howard and the Americans voted in George W Bush, and look where that got us both. Just out of curiosity, do the Americans still call their French Fries Patriot Fries? 🙂

Casablanca – French National Anthem

Video: YouTube

Since the Germans get a mention in the above clip, I’ll declare there is some German blood flowing in my veins. The Germans are good people, they are great organizers and engineers, they build great cars and roads, however they are not noted for their cuisine… and they can’t win wars. 🙂

Aussies on the other hand, are up for helping the underdogs, we are very inventive, still have a sense of fairness, despite the fact that John Winston Howard did his best to kill off most of our good traits. We still for the most part are disrespectful of authority and pretentiousness, we are great organizers and engineers, we’re fans of the ironic, we’re good mates but really dangerous enemies, in WWI, WWII & Vietnam, Aussies, largely due to our self-reliant nature, were the first amongst the allies to win battles, and in fact in sooo many other areas we excel in proportion to our GDP and population… not unlike like our sheep loving cousins across ‘The Ditch’, the Kiwis (New Zealanders). 🙂

In those aforementioned wars the Aussie National Anthem of choice was Waltzing Matilda.

Waltzing Matilda

Video: YouTube

Sorry about Rolf Harris… like Rupert Murdoch he’s an expat, but the clip explains our alternative National Anthem.

The pretentious amongst us, you know politicians and the social elite, hate the idea of Waltzing Matilda being our National Anthem, they say a National Anthem about stealing etc. is unbecoming… most Rijidij Aussies would see the irony in that.


I hope for your sake they’re practicing safe sex

May 20, 2008

For those who been with us a while I must confess that I’m prone to the occasional act, of what I guess could be call Anarchy. Well it all started when I was dragged out of the Kenyan Bush and at the not so tender age of about 7 or 8; we all know what absolute terrors come from that age. Anyway, I was taken to church by the school I’d just started in England.

Actually, now that I think about it there had been an earlier incident. A teacher had dragged me out of the class by my ear for saying bloody, and she’d threatened to wash my mouth out with soap. I had no idea what I’d done, I didn’t know what was the problem, I had after all only been in this, my first British school, for a couple of hours… it made no sense. Where I grew up bloody wasn’t a big deal, but then I didn’t realize I was a heathen. What I did know was I’d never been woman handled like that before and I did not like it one little bit, and I realized this race of people and me weren’t going to get on at all.

So getting back to the church thing. As far as I was concerned it was bullshit, so I told my mum, a Norwegian heathen; my father was a British heathen who went back to Africa after flying Spitfires there during WWII. Anyway, I did not want to go to church again, so I got my mum to write me a note. She also wrote me a note because I did not want to wear a school tie… nor a uniform for that matter, but I consented to wear similar colors; though later much nicer styling, and still later when they tried to give me spelling detention; I’m dyslectic though at the time we did not know that, I got my mum to write a note saying not to put me on detention.

OK so you have the picture I guess, I’m a hard ass, I’m in your face if you screw with me or mine… but I love my mum and I still ring her just about every week, and I like animals, even cats, though I will occasionally torment them as I did to my mother’s bossy horse, who tried to put me in her pecking order. So I drove her nuts to the point she would go to the furtherest end of the paddock to try, unsuccessfully, to stop me from patting her. 🙂

About now your wondering what is Beam on about? Well I’m about to use another dirty word…



May 13, 2008

George W Bush
Photo: Stumble

Alfred E Neuman
Photo: Stumble

I saw one photo then the other and I was amazed how similar they are.

Living in America

May 6, 2008

Living in America
Photo: masters-of-photography.com

A little bit of irony and a bit of humour in this image, queuing up for welfare in the country with the highest standard of living. Sure many people in the States are very well off, but there are a lot of forgotten, mistreated and poor people.

Maybe if the next president spent more money on the American people and less on trying to get control of Iraq’s oil, maybe then the many homeless and poor people could be given a bit of a hand up and trained so they can work and get themselves jobs and support themselves.

Sure George Bush says we have to save the Iraq people from dictators like Saddam, but what about the atrocities performed by Robert Mugabe, the former Zimbabwe leader. I didn’t see George W trying to go in and free these people from the tyranny, maybe it’s because Zimbabwe does not have any resources that the big business bastards in America needs.

So back to my main point, The American Government needs to spend more of it’s money looking after it’s own people, more training, more education, more skills, all of these and more if introduced on a big scale across the country would do wonders at eliminating much of the poverty that exist in the country with the so called best standard of living in the World.

Website: Living in America

Reagans quote on GW Bush

April 29, 2008

Reagans quote on GW Bush
Photo: WTF?!urls

“A moment I’ve been dreading. George brought his n’er-do-well son around this morning and asked me to find the kid a job. Not the political one who lives in Florida; the one who hangs around here all the time looking shiftless.”

Am I alone in seeing the irony of a ‘D’ grade actor acting like a President, grading a ‘D’ grade President?

Website: WTF?!urls