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What ancients did for us – The INDIANS 4/6

July 24, 2008

Video: YouTube

Well I guess India’s colorful cotton, particularly with the Paisley design, made a lot of hippies happy… yes I admit it, I had Paisley shirts, and as much as it embarrasses me… I wore flared pants too, but it gets much worse still, I had flared cords. My only relief comes from the fact that Flares are making a come back… and just to get back a little more esteem, I’ll tell Gen Y don’t do it! Knowing they’ll take no notice of me.

Gandhi supported the Indian cotton industry, in fact from memory such as it is (injury related), I believe he used that support to start his peaceful revolution against the British Empire, or to be more correct, the British Royal families East India Company business interests, which included Opium.

As far as the cotton industry is concerned, personally I find it offensive that foreign (American I believe) owned companies are growing cotton and Rice in Australia, and are I believe largely responsible for polluting what is arguably Australia’s most important river… the upside I guess is that their water uses is sooo excessive, that luckily the once Mighty Murry has almost run dry, saving us from being poisoned by the chemicals and pesticides used in the production of the cotton and rice crops. For those amongst you that don’t get Irony (most Americans) that was not just sarcasm but ironic sarcasm.

The cure of course is that we should swap Cotton for Hemp, which is a stronger and I believe better cloth, can be used to make high quality paper (no more cutting down trees for paper), insulation and building materials etc. and it will grow almost anywhere, requires less water, no chemicals, it actually improves the soil, and the seeds are a far better food source than Rice.

But they (the Americans) wont like that, it’s apparently OK to sell cigarettes which kill millions, but not Hemp (Pot) that has never in recorded history killed a single person… again for those that don’t get Irony, that’s yet another example. And what has all that to do with India… bugger all, I just thought I’d get it off my chest.


One Response to “What ancients did for us – The INDIANS 4/6”

  1. andar909 on August 11th, 2008 9:50 am

    hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.

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