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National Anthems & Charecters

June 10, 2008

No need to panic folks, this ain’t going to be a flag waving exercise… well maybe I’ll do a little bit.

Initially I Stumbled upon the French National Anthem La Marseillaise. True to the spirit of the French, I find it a moving and beautiful national anthem. For me the French personify style, class, fine food and I guess Amor… they are lovers not fighters.

In general they are good people, they stayed out of Iraq and they are very socially minded. However, recently and inexplicably, they voted in Nicolas Sarkozy… duuh! But then, we did vote in John Winston Howard and the Americans voted in George W Bush, and look where that got us both. Just out of curiosity, do the Americans still call their French Fries Patriot Fries? 🙂

Casablanca – French National Anthem

Video: YouTube

Since the Germans get a mention in the above clip, I’ll declare there is some German blood flowing in my veins. The Germans are good people, they are great organizers and engineers, they build great cars and roads, however they are not noted for their cuisine… and they can’t win wars. 🙂

Aussies on the other hand, are up for helping the underdogs, we are very inventive, still have a sense of fairness, despite the fact that John Winston Howard did his best to kill off most of our good traits. We still for the most part are disrespectful of authority and pretentiousness, we are great organizers and engineers, we’re fans of the ironic, we’re good mates but really dangerous enemies, in WWI, WWII & Vietnam, Aussies, largely due to our self-reliant nature, were the first amongst the allies to win battles, and in fact in sooo many other areas we excel in proportion to our GDP and population… not unlike like our sheep loving cousins across ‘The Ditch’, the Kiwis (New Zealanders). 🙂

In those aforementioned wars the Aussie National Anthem of choice was Waltzing Matilda.

Waltzing Matilda

Video: YouTube

Sorry about Rolf Harris… like Rupert Murdoch he’s an expat, but the clip explains our alternative National Anthem.

The pretentious amongst us, you know politicians and the social elite, hate the idea of Waltzing Matilda being our National Anthem, they say a National Anthem about stealing etc. is unbecoming… most Rijidij Aussies would see the irony in that.


Here’s some real Aussie kulture…

Sir Les & David “Granola”

Video: YouTube

You see the flip side of irony is being able to laugh at yourselves… another thing we do well.

Australian National Anthem – Advance Australia Fair

Video: YouTube

Man I hate this National Anthem, it’s pretentious to the point of irrelevance and it was rammed down our throats by a bunch of pompous opera lovers… it’s almost unsingable, hardly anybody knows the words, it’s irrelevant and it could be about almost any country “gurt by sea”, gurt by sea!? Good grief, you couldn’t get more un-Australian, gurt by sea, really, it’s ridiculous!


4 Responses to “National Anthems & Charecters”

  1. DENNIS WILBERG on June 11th, 2008 7:06 am


  2. kyjay on June 11th, 2008 5:13 pm

    Beam do you really hate our National Anthem?? I like it and I even know the second verse! 😉 (but maybe that’s because I have school aged children) My kids even like it! Waltzing Matilda is a great Aussie song but it’s not exactly ‘anthemesque’ (yes, I did just make that word up:) Advance Australia Fair is a simple, quaint song that might not be as polished as some other countries’ anthems but isn’t that just like us aussies? unpolished 😉 Anyway, I find it uplifting.

  3. Craig on June 11th, 2008 8:55 pm

    Hey Dennis, are you still having troubles with the videos, they should be loading

  4. Cano Pies on August 12th, 2009 9:32 pm

    Al Murray says it so well.
    “There’s a line in the middle, giving you away as being a bit thick… Our Land is gurt by sea…” He then continues. “OUR LAND IS GURT/Surrounded BY SEA. Now correct me if I’ wrong, but that is pretty much the definition of land…”

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