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Li Ching-Yuen, 256 years old

May 26, 2008

Li Ching-Yuen
Photo: Wikipedia

Li Ching-Yuen was a Chinese herbalist, martial artist and tactical advisor. He claimed to be born in 1736, while records suggest 1677. These birth dates would have made him 197 or 256 years old when he died in 1933.

“Li Ching-Yuen was supposedly born in 1677 in Chyi Jiang Hsie, Szechuan province. He spent most of his life in the mountain ranges gathering herbs and knowledge of longevity methods.”

“In 1748, when he was 71 years old, he moved to Kai Hsien to join the Chinese army as a teacher of the martial arts and as a tactical advisor.”

“In 1927, Li Ching Yuen was invited by General Yang Sen to visit him in Wann Hsien, Szechuan. The general was fascinated by his youthfulness, strength and prowess in spite of his advanced age. His famous portrait was photographed there.”

“Returning home, he died a year later. Some say of natural causes, while others claim that he told friends that “I have done all I have to do in this world. I will now go home,” before he died.”

“After Li’s death, General Yang Sen investigated the truth about his claimed background and age. He wrote a report that was later published. In 1933, people interviewed from his home province remembered seeing him when they were children, and that he hadn’t aged much during their lifetime. Others reported that he had been friends with their grandfathers. The truth regarding his long life may never be solved.”

When asked about the secrets of longevity, Master Li Ching Yuen’s answer was:

  • Keep a quiet heart
  • Sit like a tortoise
  • Walk sprightly like a pigeon
  • Sleep like a dog

Website: Li Ching Yuen on Wikipedia via MumboJumboDaily


2 Responses to “Li Ching-Yuen, 256 years old”

  1. Mitch Betts on November 4th, 2008 2:13 pm

    hey, they really should look into this person, and find out his background to prove if he was really this old …

  2. Ryan on December 10th, 2008 6:10 am

    that’s amazing!!! i did’nt know anyone had lived that long. like Mitch said you really should look into this. My dad just told me that we’re related to Thomas Jefferson. and this is no lie!!!

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