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I hope for your sake they’re practicing safe sex

May 20, 2008

For those who been with us a while I must confess that I’m prone to the occasional act, of what I guess could be call Anarchy. Well it all started when I was dragged out of the Kenyan Bush and at the not so tender age of about 7 or 8; we all know what absolute terrors come from that age. Anyway, I was taken to church by the school I’d just started in England.

Actually, now that I think about it there had been an earlier incident. A teacher had dragged me out of the class by my ear for saying bloody, and she’d threatened to wash my mouth out with soap. I had no idea what I’d done, I didn’t know what was the problem, I had after all only been in this, my first British school, for a couple of hours… it made no sense. Where I grew up bloody wasn’t a big deal, but then I didn’t realize I was a heathen. What I did know was I’d never been woman handled like that before and I did not like it one little bit, and I realized this race of people and me weren’t going to get on at all.

So getting back to the church thing. As far as I was concerned it was bullshit, so I told my mum, a Norwegian heathen; my father was a British heathen who went back to Africa after flying Spitfires there during WWII. Anyway, I did not want to go to church again, so I got my mum to write me a note. She also wrote me a note because I did not want to wear a school tie… nor a uniform for that matter, but I consented to wear similar colors; though later much nicer styling, and still later when they tried to give me spelling detention; I’m dyslectic though at the time we did not know that, I got my mum to write a note saying not to put me on detention.

OK so you have the picture I guess, I’m a hard ass, I’m in your face if you screw with me or mine… but I love my mum and I still ring her just about every week, and I like animals, even cats, though I will occasionally torment them as I did to my mother’s bossy horse, who tried to put me in her pecking order. So I drove her nuts to the point she would go to the furtherest end of the paddock to try, unsuccessfully, to stop me from patting her. 🙂

About now your wondering what is Beam on about? Well I’m about to use another dirty word…


Politics, there I’ve said it. Though GetALookAtThis is not really a political site unlike PaleBluDot, occasionally I sneak in a political post.

It’s irrational and exactly what ‘they’ want… you to hate politics and think you can’t do anything about it, but you are wrong, ‘they’ know your wrong, and if you don’t do something about it soon, ‘they’ are going to take control of the Net by either owning all the providers or by intimidating them, and then we’ll have no means of communicating our gripes, nor effectively doing something about it and the next thing you know there will be a bunch of god botherers running things here too.

So the issue here is that prices are all going up, which is sort of strange since for years we’ve been told how everything was going so great, and sticking your head in the sand just leaves you exposed… and now you know why the title.

Specter of food rationing hits US supermarkets

Website: The Real News

Making a killing from the food crisis

Website: The Real News


One Response to “I hope for your sake they’re practicing safe sex”

  1. lucy on May 20th, 2008 10:03 pm

    Hard ass? sound a bit more like a mummy’s boy to me 😉 hehehe

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