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Part 1. Corrupt Banking System – Cartels Robbing the Public (1 of 5)

April 26, 2008

Video: YouTube


G’day again,
this is another political post, and it is again, as with ‘The Secret Rulers of the World – Present/Past’, part of series of 5 videos which will be posted at a rate of 1 per day on PaleBluDot… and trust me, they are worth watching, hey if you disagree feel free to give me a blast.

The subprime mortgage crisis has, or will be, a wake up call for the majority of the people on the planet, one way or another. For years now, the Banks have been throwing credit at people as if there was no tomorrow… well tomorrow just dropped it’s first shoe at the door to your home, if it’s like most homes, mortgaged.

The chances are that most people have gotten a little carried away with the Banks seemingly bottomless credit. So they are now in a situation with a lot of stuff that perhaps they didn’t really need, which if they’ve had it a couple of years, is probably out of warranty and already near the point where it becomes part of the subtapography (landfill) and your undoubtedly still paying it off, which means of course they have you well and truly hooked.

Now the upside of that stuff that doesn’t last, is that it guaranties that another one’s probably going to be produced and somebody’s going to be employed to produce it. The problem is that that’s most likely not going to be you, it will probably be someone who’s not even in your country, and because the bean counting carpetbaggers, who either own or invested in the company, are driven by what could only be described as Greed and they are determined that profits should continue to increase infinitium; an obviously ridiculous assumption if one thinks about it.

The outcome is you’ve got problems, the Bank owns you and the companies you either work for or deal with know this and will take advantage of you. If your an investor or have a superannuation plan, it’s now more had than have. So what went wrong when everything looked sooo rosy only it seems like just yesterday. Well the talking heads will tell you this and that, but the truth is you were set up, and these videos will show you how it was done, who did it and ultimately why they did it.


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