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1. The Secret Rulers of the World – Present/Past (part 1 of 29)

April 25, 2008

Video: YouTube

Now although this site is primarily a ‘general’ interest site, I have on the odd occasion placed a political or a not so general interest post on GetALookAtThis, when in actual fact they belong more on the more controversial and in your face PaleBluDot site. Anyway, I thought that this was such an important and interesting video that I should post it; or at least the first of the 29… yes that’s 29 episodes, here and link this site back to PaleBluDot should you wish to watch the rest and read the ravings of your Aussie mate.

When I first came across this ‘little’ bit of footage I thought, well I, like many others knew a lot of this stuff either factually or instinctively, but WOW! I hadn’t managed to piece the things together as well, nor as comprehensibly.

After I’d lifted my jaw back off the ground and pushed my eyes back in their sockets, I thought this explains fully why things that need to be done never get done, it explains fully why they are trying to push Nuclear Power down our throats and when they do talk about solar energy… it has to be in space, where small businesses can’t be fully involved, if at all.

This series explains sooo much and it dovetails with sooo much… it even explains the Sub prime mortgage crisis; which I always felt was contrived, and how it will result in taking from the ‘poor’ and giving to the extremely rich. It explains why all countries are in debt and how that’s used to effectively make democracy nothing but an diabolical illusion, an ‘in’ joke for those in power.

This sequence of footage has got it all folks, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Jesus and Mary; both of them. It has Secret societies, major cities like London, Rome and New York. It has the ancient Pyramids of Egypt with their Pharaohs, as well as the Pope and the Queen with all their wealth Gold and precious jewels, you name it, it’s got it… I hope you enjoy the series (all 29 of them) as much as I do.


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