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NASA’s Mega Flyby of Mercury’s Dark Side

January 25, 2008

Artists impression Mercury Messenger
Photo: Popular Mechanics

It’s been a while since the mid 70’s Mariner 10 mission was sent sunward to Mercury. The current Messenger craft will eventually take thousands of photos including photos this time of the ‘Dark side’. It will measure the planet’s magnetic field, report on Mercury’s composition and who knows what else we will find out… it’s the old I don’t know what I don’t know and as far as I’m concerned it’s all good, knowledge is good, the quest for knowledge is good, who knows what benefits may come from the the Messenger Mission to Mercury.

Photo: Popular Mechanics

Here’s a certainty, we will become a space faring race… barring our planet being wiped out by another asteroid like the one that took out the dinosaurs, or us killing ourselves in any one of a number of other ways such as dramatic global climate change caused by human stupidity and over population, or some genetically induced calamity caused by some group of morons playing god for money and missing the bleeding obvious; later referred to as hindsight, or it could be because of that other bright idea we have to have enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the planet, who knows how many times those morons have got it up to now, or what other insane Dr Strangelove schemes they are cooking up.


Photo: Mercury

Anyhow, it just might be a good idea to not keep all our eggs in one basket and actually get a few colonies established out there just in case, instead of wasting money on stupid meaningless wars so a few military industrialists can, if it does all come to an unfortunate and embarrassing end, die with the most toys… it’s pathetic.

Go west young man has passed, it should be lets get out there young ‘man’. Instead we’ve got a bunch of sniveling Ludites whining about the money spent on space. Hello, a trillion dollars spent on a needless, stupid and immoral ‘war on terror’, mostly in a country that had nothing to do with 911… reality check, statistics prove prescription drugs are 16,400% more deadly than terrorists, why not a war on drug companies and doctors, they kill something like 200,000 patients a year in the US and percentage wise Australia’s about the same!

Photo: Popular Mechanics

Who knows the unforeseen benefits a Lunar base may have, but we’ll never ever know if we don’t go, and like many have said, the exploration (not exploitation) of Space may be a must with regards to saving the human race or the Planet as an ecosystem.

Website: Popular Mechanics


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