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UFO HeliThruster

January 17, 2008

UFO-HeliThruster Front view
Photo: UFO-HeliThruster

Again I am impressed. Having spent countless thousands of hours in light aircraft and a moderate time in helicopters, having a few mates who have built their own planes and flown in them I’m not exactly a novice. I’ve also worked as a Metallurgist/Engineer so I’m a fan of well designed and built contraptions and though I have yet to see, yet alone go for a fly in the UFO HeliThruster. I am like I said, very impressed in what I see and read about this craft and I look forward to seeing it in the flesh and perhaps going for a little fly in it.

* YouTube video in the UFO HeliThruster site’s Alerts page (Website link end of this post).


UFO-HeliThruster Side view
Photo: UFO-HeliThruster

“The UFO-HeliThruster is capable of flying 600 miles (960 kms) on one fill at the “regular” petrol pump and that is with a 1/2 hour fuel safety margin. Flying that far may not be what you want to do but it’s there in reserve, with such endurance you should never come close to running out of fuel.

Engine options

The performance of the UFO-HeliThruster is the EJ25 engine gives 164hp the power from that goes through a 2.3-1 PSRU (Propeller speed reduction unit – or “Gearbox”) that feeds a prop. (72″ – 76″) inch propeller, giving the torque to fly with ease in every situation.


Thinking of comparing our price to other products? We welcome it. Thinking of comparing the UFO-HeliThruster’s controllability and flight safety features to the competition’s? Well, we insist!

Because a complete kitset at NZ$63,000 or a factory prepared and Ready to Fly UFO-HeliThruster at NZ$75000 (min), check us out and compare.”

UFO-HeliThruster Interior
Photo: UFO-HeliThruster

UFO-HeliThruster Main Controller
Photo: UFO-HeliThruster

UFO-HeliThruster Instruments
Photo: UFO-HeliThruster

UFO-HeliThruster Gas tanks
Photo: UFO-HeliThruster

UFO-HeliThruster Pedals
Photo: UFO-HeliThruster

Website: UFO-HeliThruster


2 Responses to “UFO HeliThruster”

  1. john on December 29th, 2010 9:09 am

    The UFO is untouchable to another Gyrocopters I have seen one up close, work of art,I took lots of pictures after it was finish.

  2. neltair l anzanello on June 21st, 2012 10:50 pm

    Li alguns comentarios desabonadores do UFO e fiquei preocupado , o que ten de verdade nestas afirmações de que sofreu acidentes que ja matou proprietarios ,que não são divulgadas as horas de uzo,estas afirmações criam indecizo~eos nas pessoas, alguem com responsabilidade pode fazer uma declaração compravando que não é verdade estas afirmações , seria bom para dar segurança a quen esta interessado na compra desta maquina , este produto tem algum tipo de garantia ? se tem qual é que tempo ela permanece, aguardo resposta .

    Comment above translated using Google Translate

    I read some comments discreditable UFO and I was concerned, the fact that ten of these claims that have already suffered accidents that killed owners, which are not disclosed the hours of ouzo, these statements create indecizo ~ eos on people, someone with responsibility can make a compravando statement is not true these statements, it would help to secure the quen are interested in buying this machine, this product has some kind of guarantee? which is that if you time it stays, awaiting response

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