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UFO: A Cover Up

January 9, 2008

OK I know another UFO nut, but think if you can for just a second… do you really believe that We are ‘It’ in the Universe? Do you really believe that intelligent life ‘out there’ would not be curious about us? I know I know it’s an old and well worn argument, but does that make it wrong?

So I’m from an intelligent society; if only, say in this case another star system. Being an intelligent being I’m bound to be interested in other life forms, particularly in other ‘intelligent’ life forms. Now since I’m from an intelligent society I’d probably have a few ‘laws’… hopefully a truly intelligent society wouldn’t put up with corrupt lawyers and politicians like we do. So their ‘laws’ or guidelines may for instance stipulate that you shouldn’t screw with potential space fearing races, they are either going to make it or they aren’t… but it’s OK to watch and record.

One of the common misconceptions, is the concept that ‘they’ may have developed on a planet in our time frame, however, they may have evolved from any time before us, say 10 billion years before us. I’m allowing here for the fact that it took us approximately 4 billion years from the time our sun went nova after hitting the Carbon barrier, to form ‘intelligent’ life and since the age of our galaxy may be some 14 billion years old, it’s reasonable to assume that ‘they’ could be millions if not billions of years ahead of us… ‘they’ (collective) could have been watching and ‘videoing’ Earth back when Tyrannosaurus Rex was doing it’s thing, how cool is that!

Video: Revver

Now regarding the footage above, sure it could be a bunch of nuts, though I’d say not. Conversely they could be part of a disinformation ploy… possible, but that still does not mean that we aren’t being watch and studied in minute detail by alien intelligence… perhaps planetary sociologist and psychologists (I’m sooo embarrassed thinking about it).


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